Set Up

• Help off-load cars and trucks carrying the dresses and accessories • Set up dressing rooms • Set up dress racks • Set up tables • Hang dresses and put out accessories

Take Down

• Pack accessories into appropriate containers • Un-hang dresses • Load dresses and accessories into designated cars/trucks • Take down tables • Take down dressing rooms • Empty garbage • Take down signs

Welcome Table

• Greet the girls when they arrive • Check school IDs and fill out any necessary documentation • Direct girls to the dresses and demonstrations • Direct any males o Explain that no men are allowed in the “shopping” or dressing areas

Accessory Table

• Keep the tables organized and presentable • Help the girls find accessories to go with their dress

Personal Shopper

• Assist girls in finding the perfect dress and accessories • Accompany girls to the photo area and demonstration rooms • Re-hang dresses on the appropriate racks • *** Always be positive, supportive, encouraging, and tactfully honest ***

Dressing Room Attendant

•Keep dressing rooms organized - Re-hang dresses on the appropriate racks •


Help where needed - tasks may change throughout the shift


Make simple alterations of dresses

Hair Demonstrations

Demonstrate prom day hair ideas

Make-up Demonstrations

Demonstrate prom day make-up techniques